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Introduction to METS

Case study 1: a slide collection
METS in the Oxford Digital Library: a case study Case study 2: a collection of online books
Putting together a METS profile Case study 3: a collection of online texts
Case studies Case study 4: a collection of videos
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METS and learning objects
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About the Project 

Aims of the project:
The broad aim of the project is to kick-start a critical mass of METS-based projects within the UK so ensuring that UK institutions are fully standards-based in their digital object management.
Specifically it aims to:

• Raise general awareness of METS and other closely related emerging standards both within the Programme, and amongst the wider community served by JISC.
• Provide institutions with sufficient information to assess how METS (and related standards) might contribute to their institution’s current and planned digital preservation and asset management activities.
• Enable them to find out more about METS for themselves, and to prepare them for the two-day METS tutorial workshops which the METS Editorial Board will be running.

The overall methodology will be a series of seminars to be held at six locations around the UK. They will be designed to introduce attendees to METS and to explore ways in which it might benefit their current or future digitization projects. In addition, existing training materials on METS at Oxford will be developed further and made available to the broad library community.

• An accessible and adaptable set of training materials, to raise awareness of the METS standard and its applicability in the fields of institutional digital preservation and asset management.
• A freely accessible website, making the current version of the training materials available for download and reuse by others.
• A series of 6 training events, delivered at institutions around the UK, presenting the training materials and providing ample opportunity for attendees to engage with an expert in the METS standard.
• Greater awareness of the METS standard within the communities served by the JISC.
• A deeper understanding of the METS standard and its relevance amongst those who access the training materials and, in particular, those who attend the training events.

The project will run for two years, until October 2006. Further updates on the project will appear here.

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