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Development Fund Update

  • The Development Fund projects have now been completed. An update on when the projects will be available to view will appear soon.
  • The Development Fund project "Scenes from an extraordinary life: an exhibition marking the bicentenary of Benjamin Disraeli" has now been mounted on to the Bodleian's web pages as an Online Exhibition.

JISC funded Projects

  • See the METS Awareness Training project page for details of the next scheduled seminar.
  • The latest news on the Personal Archives Accessible in Digital Media (paradigm) Project can be found at http://www.paradigm.ac.uk/

Research Libraries Group, Cultural Materials Alliance

  • Stage one of the ODL Flora Graeca project, funded by the Development Fund, has been added to the Research Libraries Group (RLG) Cultural Materials website. Oxford University users can gain access to the RLG through OxLIP at http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/oxlip/rlgculture.htm
Early English Books Online
  • Over 13,500 texts are available on the EEBO-TCP site. Keep up to date with developments in the project by visiting the Oxford site.

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